My Testimonials

I am proud of the high level of customer service I provide, and are thrilled to receive comments on your therapy experience.

Testimonials can be left through my online contact form or on my facebook page.

"Cath is a very genuine gifted lady who puts clients first and her after care is second to none. She is always there if you need to call or you have any questions or problems after treatments. This lady is the only one I know in this area whom gives her own precious time to her clients when in need and my own personal healing journey has been successful and difficult, but Cath has been with me every step of the way I will ve forever in her debt. Forever grateful beautiful earth angel, all my love Mandy xxx"

Anmanda Angel Google 3rd March 2019

"Catherine, I cannot thank you enough for difference you have made to my sanity! I was finding it really difficult to go anywhere without becoming anxious about needing the toilet, and the reassurance there was one nearby. This had been building up over a number of years and reached an unbearable level – hence reaching out. After one session this anxiety has been completely removed and I can go about a normal life again! Thank you so much.."

Mark email February 2019

"I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome six months ago and, despite repeated visits to my GP to vary the prescribed medications, I was unable to manage the symptoms effectively. Although my GP helped me considerably with my condition, it was suggested that I try Hypnotherapy and I found Catherine’s website online
From the word go I found Catherine to be a warm, friendly, welcoming person and her openness encouraged the same within me. I visited Catherine three times and our discussions made me realize that several events in my recent life had led to an underlying feeling of anxiety which was aggravating my IBS.
Using this information, Catherine tailored the sessions to my specific needs which have left me feeling very positive about my condition, specifically, and my life in general.
A mere thank you does not seem an adequate way to express how grateful I am to Catherine for helping me.."

Bill Johnson email 14 August 2018

"Thank you so much for all your help! Absolutely lovely caring lady. I had a fear of flying and after one session with Catherine I felt so much more positive, relaxed and able to cope after many years of increasing fear. I'd never done anything like this before but wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Many many thanks."

Jennifer Raine Facebook 17 August 2017

"Cath is very welcoming and accommodating, she fitted me in last minute and helped cure my fear of flying, I would highly recommend her."

Gemma Thompson Facebook 12 July 2017

"Came Tuesday wanting to stop smoking and an open mind to the technique. After the session I felt like I didn't want to smoke, next day woke up felt like a non smoker had the urge a few times but resisted and still not smoking! Been 3 days which isn't long but can safely say that it's one of the best things I've done! And can vouch for this service! If you want to quit then this is it! Thanks Cath."

Michael Wilson Facebook 15 June 2017

"I love the loving atmosphere at Catherine's, which starts the reiki therapy even before I get on the bed. I can feel the energy flowing as I relax into healing calm. I always feel so much better afterwards and always sleep better that night."

Jean Sandbach Facebook 12 June 2017

"I have had a number of reiki treatments with Cath and just wanted to send her a big thank you! WOW .... Having never had this type of treatment before meeting Cath (who is a wonderful, kind and friendly lady), I'm completely thrilled with the way the reiki makes me feel ......calm, relaxed, and pain free to face the world again. I'm hooked and cannot recommend this treatment enough !!!"

Julie McGowan Email 14 February 2017

"Cath is so lovely warm and welcoming. I highly recommend reiki with her. After suffering from chronic sinusitis since before Christmas I can at last breathe again and feel as thought he weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders."

Carolyn Chester Facebook 14 February 2017

"I have been receving healing from Cath on a weekly basis I cant believe how much better I feel in myself! I have also recevied past life regression from Cath which was an amazing experience! Highly recommended!"

Natasha Jane Facebook 2 August 2016