Stop Smoking

Giving up smoking can be daunting but a massive 64% of people using hypnosis are successful compared to 20% using other methods alone such as patches and willpower.

I use a specific protocol with my clients who have mainly achieved excellent results.

If you would like further information on how hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking, please contact me by phone on 07432-803-960 or complete my enquiry form.

Hypnosis can help you kick the smoking habit by changing your mindset, your behaviour will be reset for a healthier lifestyle and fewer cravings for cigarettes.

Hypnotherapy may be used alone or alongside nicotine replacements. Using both together at first can tackle both the physical and mental addiction together.

I now treat smoking with a new tailored protocol. It has fantastic results and takes just one double appointment for you to be smoke free.

When you are ready to stop, this treatment gives you the tools to tackle the anxiety that the craving brings on. Then the hypnosis strengthens the unconscious mind.