Reconcile past hurt

Physical and mental pain and trauma can be carried on from one life to another. By using Past Life Regression Therapy these injuries can often be healed.

If you would like further information on how past-life regression can help you, please contact me by phone on 07432-803-960 or complete my enquiry form.

For many people this therapy answers many questions to their thoughts and feelings. Why places and situations feel familiar, how a task never before undertaken is done without any problems. Why a particular period in history holds a fascination and why unknown language seems to make sense.

Under deeply relaxing hypnosis Catherine will guide you through the journey of a past life. Carefully questioning and steering you through significant situations in that lifetime you are sure to have a fascinating session.

Your session will be taped and an MP3 recording will be sent to you by email so that you can listen to the session afterwards although you will usually remember most of it..