Pain Reduction

As well as offering trance hypnotherapy sessions to help pain reduction, I am fully trained and certified to practice OldPain2Go® sessions.

If you would like further information on how OldPain2Go® can help you, please contact me by phone on 07432-803-960 or complete my enquiry form.

Trance hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for pain reduction, it is used extensively by me and thousands of others and will continue to be so for people with chronic pain and those who are undergoing ongoing medical treatment for their complaints.

However I recently came across a new treatment specifically designed for Old Pain, including CFS and fibromyalgia, that is, pain which has been diagnosed and treated by the medical profession where a person is left in continuing pain and discomfort whose only treatment now is pain control by whatever means.

I investigated this treatment, called OldPain2Go® and was completely astonished by the results. I saw people with pain decades old walking out with very reduced pain or completely pain free. It seemed too good to be true. I did question it at first but it really works.

I subsequently trained in using this modality and an now certified to practice. Personally I have together with clients removed fibromyalgia pain, nerve pain, back pain, old operation pain, foot pain and shoulder pain. It is sometimes even possible to remove allergies using this technique. I would recommend a look at this website to see some of the video testimonials and further information.

What do you have to loose but the pain?