Past-life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy is fast becoming very effective as a Healing Therapy. This can involve directly experiencing information from this and past lifetimes for resolution and healing of our current life situations. Problems can include physical illnesses, emotional issues, phobias and fears.

If you would like further information or simply wish to discuss how past-life refgression can help you, please contact me by phone on 07432-803-960 or complete my enquiry form.

This therapy makes it possible for us to experience and review past lifetimes with a view to identifying causes for these problems which exist now. Enabling us to heal blocked energies and unresolved issues.

Past Life Regression is a technique which will take you back through time to previous lives by accessing normally hidden memories in the unconscious mind. It employs the use of hypnosis along with visualisation procedures similar to those often used in meditation.

A careful history will be taken before the hypnosis begins where I will fully explain the procedure. Some people may be nervous, there is no need as it is possible if necessary, to observe the life rather than experience it should events become uncomfortable.

Some people discover lives that they shared with people that they have a close bond with in their present life. Others are drawn to certain places or countries that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with. Each life explored is a journey and an adventure for both the individual and the therapist.

Exploring your past lives with Past-life Regression offers a whole new dimension to understanding your character. You will suddenly realise why you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in something.

Usually you remember all that you recall, in fact you will probably continue remembering the previous life for a few days after your appointment. We will however record your session and provide you with an MP3 record of your memories.

Whatever your reason or interest for choosing Past-life Regression Therapy you should be certain that you will have an interesting session.