Based on the body's natural ability to self-heal, OldPain2Go® can help dramtically reduce or remove old pain rather than just manage it.

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Just imagine, all the pain that you have been suffering for years, dramatically reduced or removed in just one session. This is what hundreds of clients of this therapy are experiencing now. Devised by Stephen Blake after seven years of study and work, originally for the benefit of Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers.

It starts with the fact that pain comes from the brain, it is transmitted through the nervous system to be perceived in a particular part of the body such as the back or the shoulder or in fact any where in the body. Sometimes once a problem has been taken as far as it can be taken medically all we are left with is pain. The only treatment painkillers.

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Using this treatment clients can turn off or significantly reduce this message from the brain as it is no longer appropriate or necessary for the message to be heard as it serves no purpose.

The appointment will start with a discussion and a brief description of the pain and how it is affecting your life. We then go on to remove or reduce that pain. It is important to stress that this is a treatment for CFS, fibromyalgia and Old Pain, that can only now be treated by pain killing drugs and pain management, not for new pain which requires current medical intervention treatments.

Please visit Stephen Blake’s OldPain2Go® web site where you will see hundreds of video testimonials from our patients.