Mindscaping & Mindskyping

Mindscaping is a fantastic brand new protocol developed by the master hypnotist Dr. Mike Mandel from Toronto. I was privileged enough to have been taught directly this by Mike and his co trainer Chis Thomson themselves.

If you would like further information on Mindscaping & Mindskyping, please contact me by phone on 07432-803-960 or complete my enquiry form.

Mindscaping or Mindskyping is built on the clients own unique map of the world. It allows each individual under light trance to explore their own problematic situation and craft a metaphorical solution. It is always an ideal metaphor for change, because the unconscious has devised its own solution.

The treatment is performed in a light trance state. We all have internal maps for everything we do in life which we access and change all the time. The Mindscaping session will focus on the particular area that the client wishes to explore or change. Under guidance from the practitioner the client describes the landscape on the three dimensional unconscious map of the situation. The client also explores and make changes to this map. This becomes the internal metaphor for the change the Client desires. It’s always perfect because it has been drawn up by the person who is using it.

Drawing from a lifetimes experience of hypnosis and NLP together with numerous other therapies Dr. Mike Mandel has crafted this wonderful new therapy which I was lucky enough to be taught by him in 2017 during his visit to England from his home in Canada.

The shifts that I have experienced and seen so far using this treatment have been profound.

Since the client is not in a deep hypnotic trance, this therapy is fantastic to deliver via a Skype session, Mindskyping, meaning that I can treat clients wherever they are.