Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy that uses the power of positive suggestion to effect change to our thoughts feelings and behaviour through the unconscious mind

Hypnotherapy is different from television shows or stage shows you may have seen. Here the unfortunate subject is instructed to eat an onion or bark like a dog for the entertainment of others.

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Hypnotherapy is the relaxation of a person to trance like state, similar to daydreaming or being in a world of your own. Whilst in this state the person is very aware of what is happening and cannot be forced to do anything against their will. Whilst in this trance like state the conscious mind is suppressed, and the clients entire attention is focused on the hypnotist's voice.

While the body and mind is relaxed it is much easier to connect with the unconscious mind and in doing so make suggestions, positive statements and lifestyle adaptations which become embedded allowing changes to happen in a relaxed easier manner, removing stress and anxiety to help you be what you want to be. Smoke free, slimmer, more confident, free of pain or fear or simply totally relaxed.

Hypnotherapy can help all addictions, phobias and behavioural problems. It can even reduce high blood pressure. It can change your life, removing a fear or phobia such as flying, it can provide that extra motivation for lifestyle changes such as giving up smoking, weight management or exercising. Hypnosis is also used for increasing confidence and performance in exams, sport and interviews. I have lost number of the number of people who now have well groomed hands since I have stopped them biting their nails.

Medical, Pain Control, Depression & Hypertension

The relaxing nature of hypnotherapy can help chronic pain control, depression and hypertension(high blood pressure) Before coming to consult Catherine it is important to have spoken to your GP and have your condition diagnosed medically and to follow your doctor's advice.

Hypnotherapy can help to encourage the positive mindset to help combat chronic depression. It can give chronic pain sufferers control over their symptoms when all else seems to have failed and it can help control high blood pressure.

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Relaxation - hypnosis for pleasure

We all can benefit from deep relaxation, many People now choose to to be hypnotised purely for pleasure! Hypnosis can give you a wonderful opportunity to take time out of your hectic lifestyle just for you, to relax more deeply and easily than you believed possible, bringing harmony, focus and balance.

Holistic Angel's Deep Relaxation sessions let you really unwind and relax within hypnosis. Whether you have been having a particularly stressful time just now or just for an indulgent treat Catherine can have you feeling relaxed and revitalised. Each session last for about an hour. Catherine will even include some post-hypnotic suggestions just to prolong the effects of your relaxation and enhance the feelings of well-being after the session is over.

Freedom from Phobias

Many of us suffer from irrational fears or phobias. It may be spiders, snakes or heights. Sometimes it's everyday things like water, driving or being the passenger in a car or bus, touching certain things or going to certain places.

Performance Enhancement

Hypnosis is an extremely efficient medium for improving performance in an any field. Many sports people use this method to achieve peak performance states. The same method is used to help people with recall for exams or improve learning states to study more effectively.

Weight Management

Hypnotherapy has a proven track recorded in helping with weight control, wether it is several pounds to several stones. I have several different protocols to help, wether it is a specific food craving or lifestyle change I can help.