Meet Catherine

I am an experienced practitioner who is committed to treating my clients, and their problems, on an individual basis and helping to improve the quality of their life.


I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, holding a Hypnotherapy Society accredited Diploma of Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy, as well as being fully trained and experienced in past life regression (Diploma of past life regression), and Reiki healing.

Working to the highest ethical standards, and fully professionally insured, I am committed to doing the best for my clients at all times. I treat each client as an individual and will spend time assessing and getting a feel for how the individual sees life before deciding, together with the client, a suitable course of therapy.

If required before hypnotherapy work, a short session is offered free of charge to discuss treatment options, approximately what number of sessions may be needed and fees.

I want each client to be completely happy about the treatment prior to it commencing. Sessions may be recorded, and where appropriate an MP3 recording may be sent to the client for use between sessions to reinforce the therapeutic work.

I will make every effort to ensure your hypnotherapy is successful. Hypnotherapy can have fantastic results but personal commitment and motivation are required to achieve the best results, therefore success cannot be guaranteed.